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Belinda Song, singer-songwriter, film/music producer and published author, is a Polydor signed recording artist now releasing music internationally through Epic Sonic Music. She is represented by BMI and has a music catalog of over two hundred compositions. Belinda has also starred in several films and is the Founder of Belaire Private Capital, Brand Ambassador for GLOW Beverages (partners w/ Kylie Jenner and QB Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys,) and Music Ambassador for CADILLAC Blackwing Race Team

Belinda Song Releases Immersive 4D Album 'Star Light, Star Bright.'

'Star Light, Star Bright'

Belinda Song - Star Light, Star Bright

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Belinda Song, an American alternative pop singer-songwriter and music producer, releases 'Star Light, Star Bright', composed of twelve hits highlighting her musical journey across the past two years. There are no fillers in the album as all twelve songs included in this compilation are 'Star Rated' by iTunes/Apple Music.

Utilizing the latest mastering techniques, Belinda Song delivers 'Star Light, Star Bright' in HiFi '4D ultra surround sound' to create a super expansive sonic experience for the audience. The sounds are not only placed in one single position in a three-dimensional field, but they also move in time. So, the sounds fly around, change shape, as well as implode and explode, in some parts the baseline dances playfully and spirals around the vocals like a sonic rollercoaster.

This album is an invitation for 'Peace, Love and Happiness' as we approach yet another Christmas. Inspired by starry nights and guiding lights, Belinda Song hopes to share her aspirations by spreading 'peace, love and happiness' around the world through her music and artistic endeavours.

There are two lead songs in 'Star light, Star Bright.' 'Worthy' is one of Belinda Song's most prized compositions with the intention of invigorating self-worth, self-love and self-respect to those in need of encouragement. 'Dreams Come True' depicts Song's aspirations and message for those in need of motivation and affirmation, to never give up on one's beliefs and to strive for excellence, no matter how unlikely things may appear, how difficult things may seem. Miracles do happen; we must trust with all our hearts and allow light and wholesome intentions to guide our ways. Worth noting are also 'What Should I Do' in 4D ultra surround sound with its expansive depth and clarity, and 'Forever (B Edit)' with spirally elements that are best described as a sonic rollercoaster experience.

"Star Light, Star Bright" is an immersive audio journey that appeases the audience in delightful ways. Belinda Song pours her heart and soul into the production of this album and appreciates your support by downloading the album or your favorite songs, and to share 'Star Light, Star Bright' with your friends. Serenading yet another Season of Miracles, 'Star Light, Star Bright' is now available on all music platforms (except Spotify) for your sonic pleasure.

**About 4D Audio:
An audio technology that creates an immersive, 360-degree sound experience. It utilizes spatial audio techniques and algorithms to make it feel like the sound is coming from all directions, rather than just one direction. For the best sonic experience, please use headphones.

Belinda Song