Belinda Song

Belinda Song, singer-songwriter, film/music producer and published author, is a Polydor signed recording artist now releasing music internationally through Epic Sonic Music. She is represented by BMI and has a music catalog of over two hundred compositions. Belinda has also starred in several films and is the Founder of Belaire Private Capital, Brand Ambassador for GLOW Beverages (partners w/ Kylie Jenner and QB Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys,) and Music Ambassador for CADILLAC Blackwing Race Team

My Destiny in 8th Dimension - Belinda Song

<3 Hello my friends, I'd like to introduce 'My Destiny in 8th Dimension' to welcome in New Year 2024. This marks our debut into the Dolby Atmos space and we are super excited about this forward movement. <3

'My Destiny in 8th Dimension' is produced in 8D Ultra Surround Sound + Dolby Atmos sound quality, so please use headphones or earbuds to enjoy the spatial audio.

As guidance through this audio journey, this song is NOT mainstream pop, as a matter of fact, you can't really pin a genre on this vibe. I'd like to introduce this piece to you as an ARTISTIC EXPLORATION.

This song is focused on vocals without elaborate instrumentals, which is kept on the light and minimal side. In clarity, the vocals travel in 360 degrees rotation on the widest angle possible, giving you an expansive feeling as if you are in the middle of a space orbit.

If you subscribe to iTunes/Apple Music, please go to audio settings and enable 'Dolby Atmos/Spatial Audio,' so you can enjoy the depth and clarity of this highly immersive 'artistic exploration' in 8D Ultra Surround Sound.

Brought to you with lots of love and passion. With high hopes of a brilliant 2024, always, Belinda Song xoxo

**** Please support my art by downloading/saving my songs or subscribe/follow my artist pages, these little gestures actually mean the world to me. Thank you for your appreciation and support, you rock! ❤️🙏

🎀🧧⭐ iTunes/Apple Music: Dolby Atmos/Spatial Audio and Lossless Quality

🎀🧧⭐ Amazon Music: Ultra High Definition

🎀🧧⭐ TIDAL: Free streaming in standard quality with optional upgrade

🎀🧧⭐ YouTube Music: As good as free streaming goes

🎀🧧⭐ Pandora: Free streaming in okay quality

🎀🧧⭐ DEEZER: Hello to my friends in Europe!