Belinda Song

Belinda Song, singer-songwriter, film/music producer and published author, is a Polydor signed recording artist now releasing music internationally through Epic Sonic Music. She is represented by BMI and has a music catalog of over two hundred compositions. Belinda has also starred in several films and is the Founder of Belaire Private Capital, Brand Ambassador for GLOW Beverages (partners w/ Kylie Jenner and QB Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys,) and Music Ambassador for CADILLAC Blackwing Race Team

Days Around The Sun - Belinda Song - Abbey Road Influence

❤️ Elated to introduce this new song! 'Days Around The Sun' is written and arranged in 'modern hip hop' vibe with dashes of 'Abbey Road' influences. This track is produced in Dolby Atmos and 4D Ultra Surround Sound for an enhanced sonic experience.

'Days Around The Sun' portrays a soul searching moment, reflecting on lost love (and lost faith) attempting to rekindle and reunite for entirety. Fractions coming together in formation of something wholesome.   On a deeper interpretation, Days Around The Sun implicates a person's past - present - future, that correlates in quantum entanglement and may not be isolated independently, as nothing in life's journey is mutually exclusive.

On the arrangement side, I really enjoyed infusing dashes of influences from my favorite Beatles album 'Abbey Road' (particularly Come Together) - by combining a classic 'feel' with modern hip hop, the sonic result is quite unique.  On the production side, 'Days Around The Sun' is mastered in 4D Surround Sound then topped off with 'Dolby Atmos' - resulting in an ultra high definition audio quality in extreme depth. ** For the best sonic experience, please be sure to listen with earbuds/headphones. Hope you'll enjoy this 4 minutes sonic experience.

⭐⭐ Select Dolby Atmos on iTunes/Apple Music⭐⭐