Belinda Song

Belinda Song, singer-songwriter, film/music producer and published author, is a Polydor signed recording artist now releasing music internationally through Epic Sonic Music. She is represented by BMI and has a music catalog of over two hundred compositions. Belinda has also starred in several films and is the Founder of Belaire Private Capital, Brand Ambassador for GLOW Beverages (partners w/ Kylie Jenner and QB Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys,) and Music Ambassador for CADILLAC Blackwing Race Team

Belinda Song new album 'TITANIUM' in spotlight of the CADILLAC Blackwing Race Team



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Continuing the success of ‘Meta Wonderland,’ a 22-tracks album rated ‘7 Stars’ by iTunes editors, Belinda Song pushes the envelope and releases ‘TITANIUM,’ an 18 tracks instrumental album in the electronic music genre, produced and mastered in 4D ultra surround sound to invigorate the audience’s sonic experience. 

‘TITANIUM’ is a hefty album that comprises four movements: Tracks #1 to #4 are inspired by adventurous experiences and exhilarating journeys in Belinda’s vivid imagination. Tracks #5 to #8 vibe with AR/VR, the Metaverse and video games. Tracks #9 to #12 resonate with the crypto community and mysterious decentralized societies, and Tracks #13 to #18 protrude velocity in fast-paced settings. 

Worth noting is Track #4, ‘X-Drive’ – which is selected by the CADILLAC Blackwing Race Team (div. of CADILLAC, USA) as their anthem for the ‘2024 Journey to Championship’ campaign. The album cover of ‘TITANIUM’ is permanently installed on the Cadillac #35 race car driven by the legendary John Heinricy, an inductee of the ‘Corvette Hall of Fame.’ 

The entire album, ‘TITANIUM’ is also licensed to Peloton Bikes, Equinox+ (At Home Bikes,) Within VR’s Supernatural (Fitness) Video Game, and is cataloged by BMI and music library ‘Soundtrack Your Brand’ for commercial licensing and sync placement opportunities. 

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TITANIUM , now available on all streaming platforms around the world (sans Spotify.) 


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