Belinda Song

Belinda Song, singer-songwriter, film/music producer and published author, is a Polydor signed recording artist now releasing music internationally through Epic Sonic Music. She is represented by BMI and has a music catalog of over two hundred compositions. Belinda has also starred in several films and is the Founder of Belaire Private Capital, Brand Ambassador for GLOW Beverages (partners w/ Kylie Jenner and QB Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys,) and Music Ambassador for CADILLAC Blackwing Race Team

❤ '7 Stars' Album: META WONDERLAND by Belinda Song. ❤

A well-orchestrated album that received '7 Stars' rating on iTunes/Apple Music. 'Meta Wonderland' consists of 22 high energy instrumental tracks, and is licensed to Peloton Interactive / Lululemon (Mirror) and Supernatural VP. With over 1 hour and 45 minutes of Belinda's original compositions that are intended for the Metaverse, virtual and digital enterprises as well as various AR/VR gaming platforms and HIIT/Cardio workouts. Now available in Ultra HD Sound. FREE DOWNLOAD on Amazon! Apple/iTunes fans click here: Belinda Song Metaverse

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Best of Belinda Song - HD sound (Free streaming)

'Best Of Belinda Song' in HD sound. If you're not already on Amazon Music Unlimited, try it FREE for 3 months and enjoy the High Def sound quality. Belinda, xoxo  (Apple/iTunes fans, please click here) 

Wish You Were Mine (Forever) - a sensual love song by Belinda Song.

Hi my friends, have you ever secretly admired someone but afraid to show the love? Here's a soft and sensual love song for you ...... 'Wish You Were Mine (Forever)' is now available for HD Streaming. Hope you like it! With lots of love, Belinda xoxo 

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New album 'Desires' - sensual love songs by Belinda Song

❤ Hi my friends, 'DESIRES' is now available for HD Streaming. Hope you like it! With lots of love, Belinda
❤️ Yandex - Eastern Europe .... and other fine music platforms, FB, Tiktok, Twitch, Twitter, Soundcloud .. anywhere, anytime for you!
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Dreams Come True 777 - Cinematic Dubstep version - Belinda Song

"Dreams Come True 777" cinematic dubstep version of the original track, is written and produced in 528hz Solfeggio Frequency, intended to deliver an uplifting sonic experience and to promote positive transformations in love, happiness and inner peace. "Dreams Come True" is a song about having faith in oneself and to never give up on dreams and goals, and 'one day - we will have it all' ... Positively wishing that all our *dreams come true!!* **** FREE DOWNLOAD HQ Soundtrack.

Composition written, arranged and performed by Belinda Song. Featuring Sherif S' on guitar and drums.

Belinda Song and Will To Power collaboration - 'ROCK THE WORLD XX'

Rock The World XX is the HOUSE VERSION of 'Rock The World (Radio Edit).'  

XX stands for Belinda Song and Will To Power, the first musical collaboration between the two artists.  The song is written, composed and produced by Belinda Song, and Will To Power (Bob Rosenberg) brilliantly topped the song with his chant.  

'Rock The World XX' is a track that promotes world travel, fun and adventurous journeys. The lyrics also signifies ambition and determination for those who aim to 'Rock The World' with success and accomplishments!  Hope you enjoy the vibe ;-)

Samey Fong (Belinda Song) '夢竟成真' & '我是能源' - 戀愛季節 (電影電影主打歌之=)


❤ LUCKY SHOT! Found a video excerpt of my movie soundtrack!!!! My artist name in Asia is Samey Fong, and this song '夢竟成真 (Dreams Do Come True) is one of the title songs from the movie '戀愛季節' (Kiss Me Goodbye,) which was a blockbuster film in Asia. This song was released in the movie soundtrack album with Polydor Records and still spinning today! WOW, can't believe I found a clip today, happy to share this with my friends! ❤ HQ soundtrack here:


Belinda Song "Worthy 4.4" becomes a viral hit! (As featured on 'Louder Than The Music.')

 Belinda Song

Belinda Song's Uplifting Single 'Worthy 4.4' Becomes Viral Hit!

Belinda Song - Worthy 4.4

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Belinda Song, an American singer-songwriter, music producer and published author, has seen a huge viral response to her uplifting latest single 'Worthy 4.4', reaching the 100k stream milestone on Spotify and approaching 200k organic views on YouTube in the last month.

'Worthy' is one of Belinda's most cherished compositions, the motivational lyrics are uplifting and the song has garnered support from various independent groups in the UK and USA.

Belinda wished to further enhance this song, so she rearranged the instrumentals to deliver a heightened sonic experience - therefore 'Worthy 4.4' was conceived. Within one week of the release, 'Worthy 4.4' reached No. 1 on 'Louder Than The Music' pop chart in UK. 

Song has published four romance novels and has produced a number of films. She has a music catalog of over 100 original compositions in the electronic pop genre, and is represented by BMI.

Through her music, Song hopes to inspire those who need hope, and through her words, she hopes to comfort those who need strength. For Song, music is food for the soul, and can serve as a 'nourishment' for those in search of inspiration. She hopes to make a positive difference.

Belinda Song - Worthy 4.4
Watch: Belinda Song - Worthy 4.4 (Visualizer)
Belinda Song

"See You Tonight" Belinda Song - VIRAL VIDEO 5.6m views on IGTV in less than 48 hours!

Exciting news to share with everyone! New dance beat album "See You Tonight" was released on Oct 12th, and the music video went VIRAL on Instagram, surpassed over 1.5m views in less than one hour and gained over 5.5m views within 48 hours!!!

Thanking all my friends who watched and shared the music video on IGTV, and thanking all my radio friends for adding 'See You Tonight' in rotation! Heartfelt ... thank you so much!

Please click on this link to view the VIRAL VIDEO and please remember to download and/or save the HQ soundtrack in your playlist!  With lots of luv, Belinda. XOXO!



Dreams Come True - Short Film by Belinda Song.

 "Dreams Come True" - Belinda Song's latest EP is now available for download.


Song and lyrics composed, arranged and produced by (c) 2021 Belinda Song. Copyright protected material. Short film written and produced by Belinda Song. 

For licensing, please contact BMI.