Confidence Is Extremely Attractive.

 Listen to your inner voice, it speaks the truth. Believe in yourself and choose wisely ... because you have the power to do so. 


FORTUNE INVESTMENT FUNDS - Asset Based Private Lender for Residential Investment Properties 30 years Fixed Rate

 Belaire Private Capital - Asset Based Private Lending for Residential Investment Properties. 

We fully understand the needs of residential real estate investors who want to hold properties for long term gains and to grow their portfolio of REO holdings.  Where short term bridge loans are not the right financing structure and not every property qualify for bank loans, we are here to fill the gap and are excited to announce the formation of 'Fortune Investment Funds' - a 30 years fixed rate, asset based lending platform specifically intended for residential real estate investors.

Our niche: 30 years fixed rate. Asset based. No Tax Returns requirement. Long term leases, Airb&b short term, weekly, daily rentals with no leases. Non warrantable condos accepted.

*** This is NOT hard money. Rate as of today for 30 years fixed rate is as low as 4.9% for Tier 1 properties and excellent credit. If you need funding for purchase or refinance, then call me today and thank me at closing. 

Private Capital for Real Estate Developers Investors - Equity & Debt. USA / Canada / Bahamas

Do you need funding for your real estate projects? With over 20 years of experience in the private capital arena, we have access to investment funds in both equity and debt to finance your projects.

We offer an INTEGRITY GUARANTY that warrants no risk, no obligation, no upfront fees, no empty promises. Back by high net worth investors and family offices, we adhere to 100% transparency in our funding process, so you will know where we stand every step of the way.

Term Sheets are furnished typically within 48 hours of submission. Expect from us desirable rates, excellent terms, flexibility, efficiency and TIMELY CLOSINGS - We want your business and will ensure that you excel. Prosperity is yours if you want to work with us, it's your call to make.

Call me now and let me hear from you TODAY. Belinda@ 786-440-8189.

* New construction funding with no pre-sales requirement
* Asset based lending - no tax returns required.
* Purchase / Refinance / Cross Collateral / Portfolio Funding
* 100% private capital, flexible terms, can customize to fit your needs
* We are NOT hard money lenders, our rates range from Prime +0.25% for qualifying income properties / L +3% for new construction / 6% for leveraged large scale developments / 7.9%+ for asset based lending no tax returns.
* Et al ... and so much more! 

Happy Holidays!

2018 has been a fantastic year! Many thanks to our investors, funding partners, clients and sponsoring developers, we couldn't have done it without your trust and support.

On festive notes, we aim for an even stronger 2019 and resolute to continue delivering the best capital solutions for your projects.  [ ]

Until then, Happy Holidays ;-)

In Bloom.

 May Dreams Come True!  .... In life, anything is possible. Depends on what is truly wanted, choose wisely then stick to it with unfaltering faith. There is no secret for success (in both business and personal matters) - it's all about how much you BELIEVE in it. There is no short cut to the end goal either: plow - seed - nurture - bloom - harvest. Want something? Be prepared to work it.

Cross Collateral Refinance of Fractured Condos

<3 Equity Recapture closed in 10 days! <3 Just closed. Utilizing cross collateralization, Belaire Private Capital closed this refinance of fractured condos in multiple buildings. Call us to discuss your funding needs! [ ]

 Current projects  Belaire Private Capital loves upscale & luxurious boutique townhome complexes, brownstones and walk ups. Bring all your construction development projects to us, funds are ready to be disbursed to the right projects! Call us at 786-440-8189 for indicative quotes on rate and terms.

FLORIDA: South Beach - Downtown Miami - Saint Petersburg - Naples - Orlando. TEXAS: Houston - Dallas. CALIFORNIA: Santa Monica - Santa Barbara. WASHINGTON: Seattle - Belltown -  Downtown, Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Tacoma.

Time Is Of The Essence

If you are a Real Estate Developer  seeking construction loans for your development projects, Real Estate Investor seeking private capital / purchase money to acquire commercial properties, or CRE Property Owner seeking equity recapture / refinance from your existing portfolio of real estate holdings, since Time Is Of The Essence, call us now to get your projects properly financed.

 Funding Solutions available for all 48 States. Our clients are small to mid market developers, builders, investors and commercial property owners. Private Funding Programs are impeccably written to facilitate clients' success.

·        Non Institutional Private Capital for development and construction loans.
·        HNW Family Offices.
·        Hedge Funds acquisition money for income producing multifamily developments and apartment buildings.
·        REIT & CMBS for income producing commercial properties.
·        Home Builders Fund for single family and 1-4 units builders.
·        Short Term Mezzanine and Bridge Loans. 
·        Refinance / Equity Recapture.
·        Cross collateral in lieu of equity.
·        Private Equity backed by real estate collateral.
·        JV Partnership for fix income producing CRE.

We are not an institutional bank and do not utilize traditional banking guidelines. Most of our funding partners and investors apply common sense to the approval process and are relationship based.  Rates and Terms are per case basis, according to the overall performance of the property, as well as the historic track record and strength of the client. Our goal is to cultivate long term relationships with all our clients, and our target is to attain collective success.

We specialize in funding development projects, as well as acquisition and rehabilitation projects in the Hospitality industry, Casinos & Resorts, Apartment Buildings, Condominiums, Retail Centers, Office Buildings and all other commercial property types, and can facilitate long term, short term, mezzanine or bridge financing. 

Contact us today for an indicative pricing on your projects. It will be our honor to facilitate the success of your prized development projects.

Belaire Private Capital.
Tel: (786) 440-8189
[ Email ]


While 1st Qtr of the financial sector closed positively with upward indicators, now highlights of April are blemished with uncertainty triggered by both domestic and international political turmoils, making investors unrest and concerned.

Many developers and CRE investors are continuing to leverage on low cost debt and building up cash reserves to carry forward in case of rainy days.

We couldn't agree more with this tactic where CASH IS KING, always.

Never be stuck in any situation without cash reserves; let Belaire Private Capital help ensure your future financial stability by extracting a fair amount of liquidity from your dormant CRE assets through low fixed rate refinance.

It's time to make a move now before Feds raise rates again.

Maintaining liquidity is key to staying afloat in any unforeseeable circumstances, your business can perform so much better with an attractive balance sheet, so let's get your cash out refinance done today.

Call me now and let's get you some CASH.  (Contact form on our website - Homepage bottom right)

Private Equity & Debt Placements for Real Estate Development Acquisition - Belaire Private Capital

 What is in YOUR agenda? 

Our focus is in 6 major markets, debt and equity: New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Seattle, Vancouver, Toronto. Let's collaborate and build the future!
Put us in your agenda; we are the only funding resource you'll ever need.

Belaire Private Capital Funding - Managing Member Real Estate Debt Equity

Managing Member & Principal

Belinda Fong (Elkaim) , former Sr. Vice President of Transcontinental Lending Group, currently 
Managing Member of Belaire Private Capital, has offered independent consultation to real estate 
investors and developers since 1998, and has funded numerous acquisitions, developments and 
construction projects throughout the US.

Her funding circle comprises of hedge funds, private equity firms, REITs, private investors and 
HNW Family Offices. Joining forces with seasoned industry veterans in the investment 
world and utilizing CMBS, Belinda's funding capacity is now more diversified and stronger than ever.

As quoted, "I truly favor the elegance and quaintness of boutique buildings and appreciate 
the intimate allure which lacks from the masses of skyscraper towers." stated Belinda. "While I passionately 
admire the architectural beauty in all sizes and types of structures, I find it extraordinarily fulfilling to assist the 
small to mid market developers who can truly benefit from our resources and private funding solutions." 

When not structuring projects, Belinda can be spotted on red carpet events throughout South Florida. The lucky few 
may find her tucked away in a secluded haven while writing her next best selling novel, or adapting her 
literature into screenplays. 

On the creative side, Belinda ranks Top #42 on Kindle's Contemporary Women Genre. With four published titles 
and one movie under her name, Belinda's work is available at Barnes N Noble, Amazon US, Canada, UK and Australia.  

Be sure to visit her PUBLISHED AUTHOR FAN PAGE as well. 

Call now,
Belinda Fong,
(formerly Belinda Elkaim)
Managing Member & Principal Since 1998,

Tel: (786) 440-8189
Email: Belaire Private Capital

BelAire Private Capital, Real Estate Development & Acquisition Funding for all 48 States.

Private Capital for Commercial Real Estates

[[ Private Capital ]] If you need purchase money to acquire that commercial asset and to expand your real estates holdings portfolio, or to replenish your cash flow through cross collateralization and equity recapture ... Please do make me your #1 CALL. (786) 440-8189 ask for Belinda Elkaim I'll be there for you. 

Visit our website:  Belaire Private Capital

Excerpt From "The 4th Angel" - Romance Thriller by Belinda Elkaim

"The 4th Angel" (c) 2020 Ovation Publications. All Rights Reserved. Coming soon to a Barnes N Noble near you.

True love in its simplest form can move mountains. A scientifically cultivated form of pure love, as the compelling driving force that Tatiana is given, is powerful enough to dismantle segregation and hatred among controversial diversity rooted deeply within different classes of manipulated genotype. 

The repressed class of the original human form, once outcast and prohibited in the New Colony, is about to re-emerge. In order to effectuate convergence, Tatiana must betray her own. To reopen the Gates, she must unlock the secrets of 'The 4th Angel.'  

[ On the shoulders of the '4th Angel' is a dark forbidden love - a Secret Society - a Code that has tenuously segregated the world for centuries. Can the perfected formula in molecular morphology resolve the upheaval between the opposition Classes? .... ]

Coming soon to a Barnes N Noble near you. Tentative release 2020. (c) Ovation Publications.

Hiding inside the safe room of his laboratory, Tatiana clings onto her father's leg and trembles at the deafening sounds of a massive chain explosion coming from above. She screams in fright as the floors and walls begin to rumble and she fears that the ceiling might crumble upon them at any given moment. Crying hysterically, she bends her head while shivering and stares into her father's worn out leather shoes.

"Tatiana" her father tightens his fists in anticipation of the worse moment to arrive, "Tatiana" he repeatedly calls out her name but she has become non responsive. Her eyes are opened wide and her focus remains fixated on his shoes, breathing heavily her lips part to gasp for the rapidly dissipating air. She hears another explosion and shuts her eyes as tightly as she could and chants to herself, "this is only bad dream, this is only a bad dream ..wake up, wake up, wake up!" she mumbles as she prays. 

Realizing that his daughter is in shock, he bends down on his knees and lifts her head so she can see him. Time is running out and he knows he must act quickly. "Tatiana, listen to me," he shakes her vigorously to disturb her absence "listen to me!" he commands, pries open her closed fist and slips a pendant onto her palm, closing her hand into a fist again he engages her stare and speaks solemnly "hang on tight to this pendant and never lose it, in case we get separated, this will be our only link and just remember" he continues bravely and watches her cry, "whatever happens to us today, do NOT lose this. It is our lifeline."

They hear gunshots followed by the screaming of voices; she hears two men screaming at each other in an oddly bizarre sounding and unfamiliar language. She watches her father pull to a stand and begs him, "daddy please don't leave me, please don't leave me here all by myself!" With tears in his eyes he looks down at his daughter, "I will never leave you Tatiana; just remember, never lose this pendant and guard it with your life!"

Shots are fired at the door of the safe room and startles Tatiana to scream again. At this devastating moment her father shouts at the men behind the door, "Don't shoot! Don't shoot! There is a child in here .. I am opening up the door. Don't shoot!" Her father begins to move towards the door; Tatiana refuses to let go of his leg and clings on to him with eyes shut tight. At merely twelve years of age, the disturbance is beyond her comprehension. Her heart is pounding and is about to burst out of her chest, her ears are hurting from the piercing explosions and she is traumatized.

The only thing she is capable of doing at this moment, is to keep her fist as tightly held as possible so she does not lose the pendant that her father is entrusting her with ..... 


[ Sixteen years later .... an oddly unusual un-coincident merges the path of Tatiana and Abdul ]

Fatally attracted to each other, the only thing she knows about him is that he is from the Outer Boundary. The only thing he wants to know about her, is the whereabouts of her father and he is ready to do whatever it takes to pry for intelligence from this beautiful enigma with selective mutism.

Chemistry and attraction make no logical sense and she is fatally drawn into someone that she dares not touch ... unless, he touches her first.

'Tatiana's Unspoken Monologue II' - 
[ Excerpt from "The 4th Angel" - Romance Thriller by Belinda Elkaim. (c) 2016/2017 Ovation Publications. ]

"As I sit idly and sleeplessly in the nothingness of the cold brutal night, I shut my eyes and gaze into the darkness behind the veil of my soul. Silence, the intimidating and deafening silence slowly consumes the cruel reality within the loneliness of my being. I hear nothing but a bizarre buzz inside my room as I reluctantly and involuntarily endure the pain of my heart's sob.

Surrendering to his indifference, I no longer have the will to challenge the fate of our unfathomable love. 'Forbidden.' As Angelina my Guardian would warn and protect me from the pitfalls of my selfish undoing. 'Tatiana, do not attempt to cross over the Boundary. The territory line has been drawn since the inception of The Colony and you must uphold the segregation. Our survival depends on you and you must not fail the limitations of our Stature.'

On my shoulders I carry the hefty burden of our existence. Torn between my contradicting emotions that secretly exist, the manipulated strands of genetically altered DNA in my body has apparently mutated. I am in trouble, and I knew that from the instant I encountered Abdul. This is not supposed to happen but trouble began from the moment he reached for my hand.

Curiosity and defiance lured me into a secret adventure into the Outer Boundary and now, it is too late. I cannot extract his image from my mind, and the feeling of his presence continues to linger within me throughout the minutes and hours of my days. I cannot find a way to dismiss the feelings that I have for him, nor can I extinguish the unspeakable yearn for his conquest.  The insatiable thirst for his love overwhelms me and this is not supposed to happen, not to me, and not to anyone within the Boundary of The Colony. Contact with the 'Others' is prohibited and Abdul, from the outer boundary, is one of them.

I miss his presence and am willing to risk my Empire just to see his smile and to feel the intensity of his electrifying touch again. If only there is a legitimate reason to reopen the Gate that has been securely shut for the past decades. But, I am merely the heiress by birth and have no real authority, so even as I possess the Key to the sealed junctions between layers of segregated territories, there is nothing that I can do but to accept the destiny of our ill-fated and short-lived encounter. Unless I attempt to change the structure of the Colony, I will never be allowed to see Abdul again.

Fortunately I do not have to share this secret with anyone. The Guardians think I still suffer from selective mutism, but truth in the matter is, I only choose not to speak. The less they know about the secret encounter and my genetic mutation, the safer I will be.

I foresee inevitable changes and I must prepare for the worse to become. The moment shall arrive when I am ready to accept the risks of losing myself and everything that has been made known to me.........

When time comes .... I will know."

1.4+ Million Views ... Let's Celebrate LOVE.

<3 1.4 MILLION VIEWS .... <3 Thanking all my fans and those who appreciate me .. Soon. Very soon ... I'll deliver a major dose of "EPIC FANTASY" to satiate your thirst for words. With LOVE, Belinda.



Wind. by Belinda Elkaim

Wind. You can't see it but it's there. Some things can only be felt. No amount of words can possibly convey my innermost feelings, so I rest in the sound of silence. As the wind blows, I am there, always. 

Let Love Lead The Way. Belinda Elkaim

"It is when we believe in something so strongly, that with unfaltering faith we know that everything will come together as it should. Beyond the shadow of doubt, we will see the brightest light even in the darkest of hours. Lean back and let love lead the way."

~ Has Cupid Gone Mad book 2: Round N Around We Go.  Romance Novel by Belinda Elkaim, now available at Barnes N Noble as well as Amazon and other fine distribution outlets.

Lighthouse - Free Verse by Belinda Elkaim

"Lighthouse" - Free verse by Belinda Elkaime

Behind the iron masks are porcelain faces of flesh and blood,
However feelingless, drowning in a sea of alluring flood.
We sink defenselessly and helplessly in such ill fated trust,
But tell me, what constitutes our deservance of such incomprehensible mess, as one by one our souls erupt.
Are we all contaminated and hearts corrupt?
Or are we defiant towards goodness and all things as such?
Lighthouse .. should we ever wander too far off path in pitch black darkness, would you remember us, would you look for us and shine your light ever so brilliantly and lovingly, so we can see you, feel you and follow you home to a safe haven, where you will harbor us and nurture us back to that one happy moment, where we left off some time ago.
Please don't let us drown in our own fear and insecurities. If we must, may we immerse in nothing but the profound depths of new found joy and love.

- Written in a REM state of my sleep. Literally.

Cheers To Happiness In Abundance. (Belinda Elkaim)

 Cheers ... to happiness, lots and lots of it  Thanking the Universe for all the blessings (and blessings in disguise) that have been sent my way. Thankful for an amazing past, a fabulous present and a spectacular future.

One And Only - Belinda Elkaim

 [ One And Only ]  

When you gaze upon the starry night and admire the full moon round and bright, think of me as I will of you. 

Though miles away and dreams apart, the ever so flirtatious moon bridges the distance that gaps our bodies. Hanging alluringly above enchanting heights is the beloved one and only, cradling and loving us through an endless ocean of restless sleepless nights. 

Should you find yourself in melancholy amidst delicate silence, think of me, as I will of you. 

A Moment In Time - Belinda Elkaim

 [ A Moment In Time ]  

It's about the soft yet dramatic feel and the intensity of the mood. It's about capturing a moment in time ... it's about an emotion that may not be encased within the conformity of any language. It's about the depths of the heart that can only be felt and may never be adequately conveyed. Those are the moments that render us speechless, and quite possibly, those are the moments that will be forever inscribed in the crevices of our beautiful minds.